If you want your carpets to be as clean as possible without wasting time then look no further than the Dry Carpet Cleaning service that we offer. As the name suggests, the Dry Deep Cleaning of carpets method involves cleaning the carpet while it’s dry. The process is rather straight forward and cleaning a carpet using this method takes our team little time to do.


Of course, since the carpet itself is dry, you’re also saving a good few hours that you would’ve otherwise spent waiting for it to dry. Because it’s still a fairly new method most people are reluctant to try it out. Rest assured that our team will deep clean your carpet without leaving a single speck of dust behind. Saving time and effort, Dry Cleaning is definitely the way to go. If you are looking for a quick way to thoroughly clean your carpet without compromising the quality, this is your service. So if you have things to do and you want to waste as little time as possible on your carpet, then give us a call and let our carpet cleaners do the work for you.



We have a few processes and procedures, but our most popular is the Steam Carpet Cleaning, the process for this is as follows: Firstly we will Vacuum all areas to remove any Loose Dirt and Dust. Then we will Pre-Treat the area to remove the Stains. Then using our Powerful Endeavor 500 Hot Water Extraction machine. With the necessary Specialist Shampoos and Deodorizers we clean the Entire surface at up to 120 Degrees removing all Smells and Bacteria. Finally where needed we would use a Powerful Spot Treatment for any remaining Stubborn stains, then leaving the Carpet to fully dry. Besides the hot water extraction method, we also offer a dry cleaning service for the more Delicate of Carpets.

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